About Me

Hi, Jim here, so you clicked the about me page which means only one thing. You want to know who or what I am. Well, where to start.

I am Jim, I am in my mid 50's married and father to 4 wonderful children, five dogs, three cats, parrot, a tortoise and my son's pet snek.

I work in a waist recycling plant and am a proud Norse Pagan and prepper.

I have been a pagan and an anamist since I can remember, I have always felt a huge connection to the planet and nature, always.

In time I found that the best way for me to reconnect with nature and the Fae (the spirits of the land), was to learn how to live with and within nature, learning skills that would help me spend more and more time in the wilds and woods. This is where my love for bushcraft started, through bushcraft I could truly appreciate nature.

I became interested in emergency preparedness around March 2018, when the UK was hit by a polar vortex dubbed The Beast From The East, which blanketed the whole country under feet of snow, the whole country's infrastructure ground to a halt for almost a week.
This was the moment I realised that we can not rely on the government to come to our help in times of need, that the only people we could rely on was our selves.
With this realisation, I started preparing for the next bad winter.

Part way through the first lockdown in 2020, everything became too much for me and I stepped away from prepping and the social media and the media.

That was until the end of 2020 after reading and studying The Nine Noble Virtues, I realised once again that we can not rely on the government to come to our rescue, that making sure my family was safe and had the means to get through what ever the world threw at us was on me and my family.

Even though I dislike the term survivalist, the combination of getting ready for the next emergency situation, my love of the outdoors, nature and bushcraft all adds up to someone who is getting ready to survive, no matter what.

About Jim's World (The Blog).

I set this blog up years ago, as a personal blog and plan to keep it that way.

JimsWorld.co.uk is a journal of my journey to learn the ways of my ancestors and reconnect with nature and the spirits of nature, a place where I post my thoughts and ideas, as well as anything that has peeked my interest at that moment in time.

I also have a YouTube channel at YouTube.com/Jimsworld as well as a podcast at Anchor.fm/Jimsworld.

Where do I see my blog in 5 years time? To be honest, I dont know, ask me in 5 years time if anything that I have posted over the last 5 years was planned.

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